President Nkurunziza holds a moralization session in Muramvya

MURAMVYA July 19th (ABP) – The President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, led in camera a moralization session in the hall of Muramvya High School (in the center-west) on Tuesday for natives and residents of Muramvya province. His spokesman Jean-Claude Karerwa, said in his press briefing that the meeting is traditional and consists of helping the Burundian people to understand the ins and outs of their country, to understand how the big sisters and brothers or the ancestors have invested themselves in building a Burundian nation worthy of the name.

Due to the teachings of the colonial school that are perpetuated by some shameful practices, Burundi has continued, from time to time, to sink into chaos, said Karerwa. He also said that the teachings that the Head of State gives to the public, count for the campaign of ensuring that the painful moments that the country has known do not happen in the future. He noted that the Head of State is doing everything to ensure that Burundi people understand what Burundian land has as heritage and the bravery of Burundian brothers and sisters, such as Ntare Rushatsi Cambarantama who is the founder of the Kingdom of Burundi but also the bravery of people as the hero of national Independence, Prince Louis Rwagasore and other Burundians who spared no effort to build the Burundian nation. All in all, Mr. Karerwa stressed that the campaign of the Head of State is to ensure that in the coming years, when the current generation has completed its course, Burundi can have another generation able to restore the image of the country and not live the experiences of our ancestors. After that moralization session, President Pierre Nkurunziza officially inaugurated a three-storey building that will house the new communal office of Muramvya commune. A building that was built on FONIC financing and which has a value approaching 394 million Burundian Francs, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. The Head of State also granted rice aid to vulnerable people in Muramvya and Rutegama communes. In each commune, 400 vulnerable families were assisted and each family received 10 kg of rice. Note that all those activities of President Nkurunziza in Muramvya province saw the participation of elected MPs and Senators in Muramvya as well as the Ministers of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, Mr. Thaddée Ndikumana and that of the Interior, Patriotic Education and Local Development, Mr. Pascal Barandagiye and many other native executives and residents of Muramvya province.

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