KAYANZA March 28th (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza province (northern Burundi), Mr. Anicet Ndayizeye, reacted to the lamentations of some farmers in Muhanga commune related to the fact that they are fined when they attach their animals around their houses. He urged the administrative officials to break with that attitude.

Governor Ndayizeye said that pets need light for their health. But he asks the farmers to plant forage plants and fixing herbs on the contour lines.

Some of the inhabitants of the Gahombo and Muhanga communes that the check by ABP contacted, appreciated positively the measure of permanent stabling because it has led to the increase in production.

As an illustration, Mr. Vital Ndayikengurukiye, a resident of Karinzi village in Gahombo commune, says that since taking that measure, he has cultivated an area greater than that cultivated in the past. According to him, the wandering of farm animals caused them to damage crops, which is no longer the case today.

The governor of Kayanza province said that the permanent stabling has led to the increase in production and the significant reduction of conflicts related to the wandering of domestic animals.

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