The Regional workshop to evaluate the PNSADR-IM project and exchange on the future perspectives between its partners have been held

RUYIGI February 24th (ABP) – The National Program for Food Security and Rural Development in the Imbo and Moso Regions (PNSADR-IM) held a regional workshop to assess achievements during the 2017 and shared ideas on the prospects for the year 2018. Various partners of the project were invited to the workshop, including among others, representatives of the administration, provincial directorates of agriculture and livestock in the Ruyigi , Rutana provinces and Cendajuru commune in Cankuzo province.
In an interview given to the Burundi News Agency after the workshop, the regional coordinator of that project, Ir. Elie Bunuma, talked about very significant achievements that have brought added value to the beneficiary people.
That coordinator indicated that the project is articulated in three main axes. The first component is the development of marshes, watersheds and the rehabilitation of the tracks. The second component is the development of rice and milk sectors and the last one is that of project management and capacity building of the Ministry of Agriculture and livestock.
He stressed that before beginning the actual work in those communes of the Mosso Natural Region whether in the Ruyigi or Rutana province, it was necessary to rehabilitate the roads to facilitate access.
They started with the rehabilitation of a series of 3 tracks totaling 63 km. One track is in Gisuru commune for 24 km, another in Kinyinya commune for 20 km and another in Giharo commune for 27 km. He said that other tracks are being prepared for rehabilitation to total the remaining 52 km in the various communes concerned.
With regard to the development of the marshes, he said that the feasibility studies have already been completed and that work should begin within a few weeks. With regard to the development of rice and milk sectors, Ir Bunuma talked about the multiplication of seeds and inputs for vulnerable households.
He stated that in the livestock field the rate of evolution in the reproduction of cattle supplied is 143% for bovines.That coordinator winked at the breeders who are in the chain of solidarity waiting to see the calves coming from their neighbors who have received cows from that project since 2015. He underlined that the main requirement is to repay the cement that the owner used when he/she welcomed the first cow from the chain of solidarity.

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