NGOZI September 30th (ABP) – The various stakeholders of the Merankabandi social sector project met in Ngozi (northern Burundi) on Friday September 27, 2019, to evaluate the cash transfer activities to the poorest households in the framework of the Merankabandi project.

According to Mr. Michel Nyabenda, coordinator of the project, 48,000 most vulnerable households in the provinces of Gitega, Kirundo, Karusi and Ruyigi receive bi-monthly 40000 BIF by electronic transfer via Ecocash. This is to enable them to improve access to basic social services such as health, children’s education, decent housing, and nutrition for young people and infants, and so on. These households are also fortunate enough to plan their own income-generating activities, do savings and credit operations, and the like.

The evaluation includes administrative and judicial officials, representatives of religious denominations, civil society organizations and women from the four intervention provinces namely Gitega, Karusi, Kirundo and Ruyigi.

Mr. Michel Nyabenda also said that the Merankabandi project has already reached a very satisfactory stage. Currently, the project is aimed at strengthening support activities so that those households can sustain the gains beyond its existence.

Merankabandi is a project of the Burundi government supported by the World Bank. It is a 5-year pilot project that works on the 4 provinces but could be extended in the future throughout the national territory.

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