The administration and the police forces of the Ngagara urban zone have been mobilized to fight against theft

BUJUMBURA February 24th (ABP) – Administrative officials, police forces and inhabitants of the Ngagara urban zone in Ntahangwa commune are working hard to fight against theft, said Ms. Imelde Ndikuriyo, the chief of Ngagara zone, on Friday.
In recent days, that form of crime was especially reported in some quarters such as quarter IV, V, III and quarter II. Groups of thieves were robbing in households and on public roads, depriving passersby from what they had on them mostly cell phones, watches and jewelry.
Ndikuriyo is delighted that this network of robbers is about to be dismantled after the arrest of four young boys. Currently, she said, the police and the administration are looking for a member of that network that escaped. The operation was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of the administration and the elements of the police forces stationed in that zone.
In order to curb this form of crime, said the Ngagara zone chief, the administration multiplies tours in quarters in order to mobilize the people around this issue while the elements of the Burundi National Police (PNB) are multiplying patrols days and nights.
The urban zone of ​​Ngagara also has the merit of having developed a highly developed communication system over the phone that allows exchanging pieces of information on security in a timely manner, Ndikuriyo said. In fact, she said, the telephone numbers of all those responsible for the administration and the police forces were communicated by the people so that information on security is given in real time.
Officials of the administration in the Ngagara zone are also working to raise awareness among people on the installation of night lights in all plots as those groups of thieves take advantage of the darkness to commit crimes.
The few inhabitants of the Ngagara zone met on the spot positively appreciate the work done by the police in the fight against banditry. They nevertheless wish that, for reasons of efficiency, the numbers of PNB elements should be increased.

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