MUYINGA March 20th (ABP) – The women of Muyinga province (northeastern Burundi) celebrated with joy in Cumba zone, Muyinga commune on Friday March 15, the international day dedicated to them, a day usually celebrated on March 8th of each year. A massive participation of women, men and young people attended the ceremonies, a check by ABP revealed.

In her opening speech, the provincial women’s representative, Ms. Dénise Ndaruhekere, urged women to behave decisively in order to deserve the political and technical positions they constantly demand. She invited women to join political parties to position themselves politically. According to Ms. Ndaruhekere, women must show solidarity and privilege dialogue and understanding at home.

Provincial Governor Aline Manirabarusha said the celebration of the day was an opportunity to self-evaluate. She recommended to her sisters to act with dignity to really deserve to be called “woman”. The governor regretted the unsavory behavior of some women. “Women are beating and raping their husbands in the presence of the children,” “and still others have left the hygiene and laundry to their husbands,” she lamented. However, Governor Manirabarusha said that “the picture was not totally dark”. “There are still women worthy of their names”. She called on them to help their sisters in trouble get out of the rut.

The day was an opportunity to award some households that have recovered abandoned children but also helped the vulnerable by the distribution of food. Women also expressed their gratitude to the provincial governor for giving her a heifer and other gifts.

Governor Manirabarusha commended that gesture before hoping that this gift was a gesture of solidarity and friendship and not a “poisoned gift”.

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