KAYANZA July 27th (ABP) – Local administrative officials and people of Kabarore commune in Kayanza province (north) are working together to protect families and defend human rights, a check by ABP has revealed on Wednesday.

They chased a concubine on Kivuvu Hill On Wednesday July 25th. The latter is a student of the 9th grade at the basic school who works at the checkout of a bar of that man, whose she would be the mistress.

According to the legal woman, she was caught red-handed with her husband in the act of adultery last week in their family home. People had chased her but she came back last Monday. The girl acknowledged the facts to those local authorities and has been arrested by the police who are still looking for the man who is currently in hiding place.

The inhabitants of that hill call that man a delinquent. They say he has already taken four concubines next to his legal wife who has four children. Recently, they add, he housed two of his concubines in the rooms of the family home. A concubine lived in one of the rooms with two children. Another was in one room with a child.

Another concubine lives in Mparamirundi in the same province of Kayanza, while the fourth lives in Rwanda.

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