Minister Alain Guillaume Bunyoni holds a press conference

BUJUMBURA October 18th (ABP) – Burundian Minister in charge of disaster management police commissioner Chief Alain Guillaume Bunyoni said on Monday October 15, 2018 he is satisfied with the work done by the Department of Civil Protection during the three last months. It was during a press conference devoted to the presentation of the great achievements of his Ministry during this period, a check by ABP revealed.

The department’s activities also include official launch activities for a disaster risk reduction project that will cover the pilot commune of Nyanza-Lac, Kayogoro, Mpanda and Gihanga.Over the last three months, he said, the Department of Civil Protection has successfully organized training on the management of harmful or explosive devices and their destruction for 10 officers and 10 brigadiers. This department also has the merit of having trained 15 national trainers in the field of disaster reduction.

In addition, Minister Bunyoni said a provincial contingency plan was updated in Bubanza while a Mugongo-Manga communal platform was put in place. Also, he continued, the executives of this department participated in various international forums namely in Cameroon for the 26th Conference of Ministers of the Nile Basin Initiative, the 11th Forum of seasonal climate forecasts and 2 workshops of regional training on flood risk assessment, monitoring and early warning, and identification and recovery techniques for radioactive sources.

Minister Bunyoni is also delighted that village base for disaster risk reduction has been set up in Muyinga province. This department has also been characterized by active participation in the control of fires declared throughout the country. That’s when the department noted 38 cases of arson over the past three months.

Another merit of this department is that of having contributed to the sensitization of those responsible for the administration and the local people living near the rivers crossing the Bujumbura City on the prevention and the environment protection.

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