A high school student complains that “her teacher was her executioner”

GITEGA March 13th (ABP) – A high school student, from Gishubi commune in Gitega province (center), in grade 9 at Mweya Perseverance High School, has been admitted to Gitega hospital since the 11th, because of the deep injuries caused by her teacher of mathematics, Mr. Nestor Habarugira, in order to get rid of the burden of a pregnancy of which he is perpetrator, according to the victim.
She testified that after discovering that she was pregnant, her parents forced her to join the perpetrator of the pregnancy whose family lives in the neighborhood called “Place”, in the Gitega town. She went there on the 9th, she said, adding that Habarugira and his wife spent a whole night fighting following her presence.
The next day, she added, Mr. Habarugira offered to look for a home at the Bukirasazi communal center to shelter her from that inconvenience, an opinion she accepted without hesitation, while ignoring the fate that awaited her, she specified. Instead of taking the Bukirasazi route, they got off the vehicle at about 6:30 pm in Mwanzari locality, not far from the Bukirasazi center, and then took a four-hour walk to the Ruvyironza River. Arrived at the place, she lamented, “My teacher became my executioner, arguing that I disgraced him, before he pulled out a machete with which he used to inflict jerks at the neck, the head and arms”.
“Believing myself exhausted, Mr. Habarugira took me by the legs to throw me in the river. But the grass lying on the banks saved me from drowning, “said the victim. She testified again that she had to walk on all fours to reach a household close to the scene of the tragedy around seven o’clock in the morning of the 11th, adding that the householder rescued her by waking the head of the administrative unit to study how to send her to Ntita hospital, in Gishubi commune.
Because the care required surgery, the caretakers at Ntita Hospital referred her to Gitega Regional Hospital. At the end of the surgical procedure done on the 11th, the attending physician indicated that it was successful and that healing is possible. The mother who plays the role of the nurse would like the perpetrator to be caught and brought to justice and the Ministry of Education should moralize educators and educated. According to the senior adviser of the provincial governor, the police and administrative authorities are working hand in hand to flush out the alleged executioner who has been on the run.

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