BUJUMBURA March 28th (ABP) – Governors of Bujumbura province (western Burundi) Mrs. Nadine Gacuti and Bubanza (north-west), Mr. Nobus Therence Butoyi call on people of Mutara Village, Maramvya zone in Mutimbuzi commune on Tuesday afternoon, to collaborate with the security forces and to give them security-related information.  The appeal was launched during a joint security meeting held in Mutara by the two officials in the presence of the people of Mutara and Rugazi, communal administrators and representatives of the defense and security forces, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

It was recalled that the meeting was held after two policemen from Rugazi police station were killed a few days ago, by an armed criminal, who vanished into the Maramvya zone after seizing their weapons. It was not the first time that the police were attacked. Previously, a policeman was killed, and a soldier and four rifles left. Provincial Police Commissioner in Bubanza, OPC2 Prosper Manirampa asked the people of Mutara to hand over the four rifles, otherwise the police will have to look for them.

In the recent incident, the two governors found it inconceivable that an armed criminal could break into a church, rob the faithful of their money and phones, before asking where the police stations were and commit a crime of such a magnitude, without the latter deigning to inform the police when returning.

The conclusion that they drew is that the Joint Security Committees (CMS) are almost absent in a commune that had just spent four months without an administrator.

Appointed just very few days ago, the new administrator of Mutimbuzi commune, Mr. Simeon Butoyi, was urged to set to work, without delay, to take care of the security of Mutara and the whole commune by reinvigorating the CMS and fighting against the prohibited drink “Kanyanga” which is so widely consumed in Mutara village.

All the grievances were directed against the people of Mutara, whereas those of Rugazi only asked for the good neighborhood with the Mutimbuzi commune, so that there would be no more criminal committing a crime in Rugazi and vanishing into Mutimbuzi.

Note that the joint meeting ended with a wish that the people of Mutara could give security-related information to the security forces in time.

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