GITEGA March 20th (ABP) – The Communal Director of Education (DCE) of Gitega in

Gitega commune and province (central Burundi), Mr. Philbert Manirakiza, asks his superiors to address the issue of teachers who go against orders given by their directors, in the interest of the smooth running of schools of their attendance.

This was said in an interview he gave the press, following the launch of the activities of the communal council of education, technical and vocational training. He named some teachers of the Higiro and Mubuga Basic Schools who denigrate the school’s responsible officials.

Mr. Manirakiza said that those teachers go against the rules provided by their superiors when they order them to comply with the rules to better tackle their missions.

“These teachers are disobedient to their superiors when they ask them to respect regularity and punctuality at school. They want carelessness and laissez-faire. Thus, he proposed to the Provincial Director of Education (DPE) to make the changes of such teachers in conflict with the school regulations. Mr. Manirakiza also indicated that the teachers redeployed during the past school year in his school directorate involuntarily contributed to the students’ failures, arguing that they are accused of lateness, or even absences due to the lack of housing near their work station.

In addition, the members of the communal council of education, technical and vocational training counted on the inequalities that were noticeable in the perception of the funds for educational reinforcement. They decided that each learner should pay 1,000 BIF per term, in addition to school fees. Those funds will be used for the payment of temporary teachers or the rehabilitation of school infrastructures.

Speaking about the essential mission of that council, Mr. Manirakiza said that it is called on to explore ways and means to revitalize student education.

“Our concern is to see this Council contribute to meeting the challenges in school environments, and especially to reduce the high rates of student failure.” Thus, he asked the members of the council to remedy the situation.

Note that the constituent members of that communal council come from sectors directly involved in the management of educational issues. These are the responsible officials of the communal and provincial school administration, the representatives of the parents’ communal committees, representatives of the teachers’ unions, representatives of the school management committees, representatives of the schools under convention and representatives of the technical and vocational schools.

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