GITEGA March 9th (ABP) – Minister of Finance, Budget and Economic Development Cooperation Domiten Ndihokubwayo recommended on Wednesday May 7, 2019  officials in charge of development issues in the country’s central-eastern provinces like Gitega, Mwaro, Muramvya, Ruyigi and Cankuzo, to appropriate the contents of Burundi National Development Plan (NDP) 2018-2027. Mr. Ndihokubwayo proceeded in Gitega (center) with the dissemination of the said plan, in favor of the representatives of those provinces.

In essence, he informed them that the NDP is a reference framework for all the institutions of the Republic of Burundi as well as all partners and other actors in the development of national life.

It is crucial to align to it to participate in the realization of the vision of the Burundi people, Mr. Ndihokubwayo added. He also told them that the NDP aims to improve agricultural productivity, modernize basic facilities, create jobs for young people and preserve ecosystems. In short, he continued to say, “The NDP provides a guideline to follow for the next ten years, with a view to moving towards an emerging Burundi in 2027”. Speaking to the participants in that NDP dissemination workshop, Mr. Ndihokubwayo asked them to draft the planning of their entities, through the Communal Community Development Plans (PCDC), while drawing inspiration from the NDP.

In terms of exchanges, the participants expressed the wish to increase the funds allocated to the communes, to restore savings and credit cooperatives and to sensitize the youth to join the agricultural development activities. The workshop was attended by provincial governors and their economic advisors, communal administrators, communal planning officers, some members of communal councils as well as representatives of civil society organizations and those of the private sector. The same workshop also followed other similar workshops held in Bujumbura City Council, in the western provinces and in the northern region of the country.

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