Torrential rain mixed with hail and strong wind caused damage

CANKUZO March 7th (ABP) – Torrential rain mixed with hail and strong wind since the beginning of the current month in different localities of the Cankuzo province (eastern Burundi) caused damage to crops and houses.  This is recorded as one of the other problems that occurred in the province, according to administrative sources.
According to the administration, the hills that have been badly affected by the torrential rain mixed with hail and the strong wind are Kavumu, Kabeza, Karago, Nyarutiti, Nyakerera, Kigusu and Rutoke in Cankuzo commune where in addition to damaged crops two houses were also destroyed. The same rains fell on March 1st and 3rd on the Mwiruzi and Munzenze hills in Mishiha commune where three houses were also destroyed, many crops were damaged and two goats died.
The local administration confirming that information indicates that assistance is needed for the families that are victims.
Apart from the damage caused by the torrential rain, other problems also arise in different communes of Cankuzo province. For example, in Cankuzo commune, the administration expresses its concern about the increase in theft and crime observed in the commune. It highlights two kiosks in the central market of Cankuzo that were completely looted, four sewing machines were stolen in the night of March 3rd to 4th by a band of unidentified robbers and a named Philippe Nteziriba, from the Murehe hill was killed in the same night by a group of criminals not yet identified. Cases of theft are also reported on the Nkoro hill in Gisagara commune where a shop was robbed and a sum of 110,000 BIF was stolen on March 2nd on Kigati hill.
In Mishiha commune, specifically on Mugera hill, the local administration reports a case of a 12-year-old child by the name of Zubeli Barankenyereye, who was reported missing on February 27th while a mother named Marie Macumi, originally from Munzenze hill, is now looking for a care center for a baby abandoned by his mentally ill mother Pascasie Baragerageza.
The baby was found on Sunday March 4, 2018 in a bush where his mother had thrown him immediately after delivery.

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