GITEGA / KARUSI / MAKAMBA January 25th (ABP) – The ruling party organized, in all provinces, on Wednesday January 23, 2019, a provincial ecumenical prayer of thanksgiving to God.

In Gitega province (central Burundi), this prayer, which took place at the basketball court in downtown Gitega, was opened by the 1st Deputy President of the Senate, Ms. Spès-Caritas Njebarikanuye, the representative of the Church of Friends and that of COMIBU.

Ms. Njebarikanuye thanked God for the blessings that He keeps filling Burundi and Gitega province which has just been established as a political capital. She then prayed for the divine blessing to the country’s leaders from top to bottom. The other two representatives of religious denominations prayed for peace and security across the country.

The opening speech was delivered by MP Georges Nshimirimana, who is the provincial secretary of the ruling party. After welcoming the audience, he expressed his gratitude to God for the peace and tranquility that reign in Gitega and allow the people to go about their respective activities. He meant that this prayer was organized as a preparation for the national crusade of prayers of thanksgiving to God organized from January 24 to 26th in Gitega by the ruling party leaders at the national level. He expressed his thanks to those who gave offerings amounting to about 520,850 BIF. These collections will be used for offerings that will be regularly paid Thursdays at prayer meetings of the ruling party, he said.

During the evangelization, Apostle Charles Nduwumukama, who preached the love of God and others, recommended to everyone to give the offerings with kindness. He discouraged temptations to hatred and jealousy that are barriers to God’s gifts.

On his part, the Executive Secretary of the Catholic Archdiocese’s Development Organization, Father Jean Berchmas Nibitanga, prayed for the generosity of the wealthy for the comfort of people in distress.

Choirs from some Catholic and Protestant parishes have presented various songs of praise to God.

In Karusi province (east-central Burundi), CNDD-FDD (Bagumyabanga) party activists from all the communes gathered at the palace of their party where they prayed, sang and collected thanksgiving offerings made of food, clothing and money to support the most vulnerable. It was in the context of preparing for the thanksgiving prayers organized by the ruling party from the 24th to the 26th in Gitega province.

Pastor Samuel Kavanda, who led the prayer, pointed out that Burundians have gone through difficult times, like the Israelis. He was delighted that the country is currently living in complete security thanks to the leaders who are well enlightened by the Almighty. He made a strong appeal to the people present there to accomplish the Lord’s most important commandment that preaches the love of one’s neighbor and leads to the unity of people.

The provincial secretary of the ruling party, Mr. Stanislas Manirakiza, said that this prayer precedes that held at the national level from 24 to 26 January by their party in Gitega province, and invited the entire assembly to participate.

It has been agreed that donations will be converted into cash and that perishable food will be distributed to the most vulnerable.

In Makamba province (southern Burundi), the ruling party organized a similar prayer to give thanks to God for the benefits He has done for Burundi, a check by ABP revealed.

In his address, Senate President Révérien Ndikuriyo asked the people to always pray to give thanks to God Almighty. They must also have income-generating activities                                                                                       and participate in the works of public interest organized by their leaders.

As a thank you, the people of Makamba offered a sum of 10,395,200 BIF, 8634 kg of food and 22 cans of palm oil.

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