KARUSI January 31st (ABP) – A gas tanker truck overturned on Tuesday at 11:00 am on Karusi-Muyinga RN12 in Nzibariba village, Buhiga commune in Karusi province (center-east). The crew came out safe and sound, but the contents flowed drop by drop and the people were afraid to approach. The police and the administration were guarding the truck and asking everyone’s caution to avoid the tragedy of March 2018 that took the lives of several zealous people who had tried to draw fuel.

In addition, in the same province, torrential rain mixed with hail that fell on Tuesday night caused enormous damage. Reports from the Nyabikere, Mutumba and Bugenyuzi communes show the crops damaged such as maize, cassava, beans, coffee, banana plantations, and rice in marshes and 560 households in need of assistance.

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