KIRUNDO February 20th (ABP) – The governor of Kirundo province (northern Burundi), Mr. Alain Tribert Mutabazi, presented at the provincial headquarters on Friday February 15, 2019, the achievements report for the year 2018 and the outlook for the year 2019, a check by ABP revealed.

He said 67 classrooms and three health centers were built, as well as five markets, three of which are modern, and the village offices. In terms of the environment, he said 2,872,322 tree seedlings were planted in various communes, including 4,000 fruit trees. He added that the province also registered 1,200,000 coffee trees that were planted here and there. In order to support the victims of the drought in Busoni commune, 21 tons of food were distributed to the 2,000 most affected households to alleviate the famine. That help was given by the natives of the province as part of local solidarity that was initiated by the President of the Republic of Burundi, he said.

With the aim of eradicating famine, awareness has been raised among the people for the increase of agricultural production, especially food crops, knowing that the majority of the Burundians live thanks to agriculture. He also said that the people have been sensitized on reproductive health. He stressed that family planning is more than necessary, so that households can develop.

Regarding the prospects for the year 2019, Mr. Mutabazi said that the extension of the Kirundo University Institute of Lakes is planned to prepare for the welcome to a large number of students, and that there is also a large construction site of a modern stadium of Kirundo to be erected in the Renga village, Busoni commune.

Mr. Mutabazi spoke about a State project that will soon electrify the Busoni, Bwambarangwe and Gitobe communes, within the framework of developing the communes and the province. He also announced that there is another State project which will be in charge of the management of the marshes and the village irrigation, to face the climate change, especially in Busoni commune which is often hit by drought.

The Kirundo Town Extension Project is also on the 2019 agenda, as the governor pointed out, adding that it will not only be extension, but also inculcating the inhabitants of that urban center, the spirit of cleanliness.

To prepare for the 2020 elections, the governor said that the people of Kirundo province have contributed more than 240 million BIF for the year 2018. He said that development is conditioned by peace and security, hence the province will be concerned for this year to build those two concepts through quadrilogy (people, administration, justice and police forces).

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