Two people were killed with a grenade on Muhenga in Bubanza commune

BUBANZA February 23rd (ABP) – Two people were killed with grenade on the night of February 20th around 11:40 pm on Muhenga hill in Bubanza commune (northwestern Burundi), according to an administrative source. The two victims, Mr. Maurice Ntahokaraja and his concubine, Ms. Marie Ntakarutimana, were in deep sleep when two grenades exploded in their bedroom, killing them on the spot.
Local administrative officials contacted on the issue indicated that the cause of the crime is not yet known. They say that what is known in the locality is that the man had abandoned his first wife at Nyamitanga in Cibitoke province and that he lived with his concubine on that hill of Muhenga in Bubanza commune, with whom he had a child.
The perpetrators of that crime are not yet identified and the police authorities indicated that the investigation is already opened in collaboration with the local administrative officials.

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