MUYINGA January 23rd (ABP) – The Muyinga High Court (Northeastern Burundi) has recently sentenced two people to various sentences and acquitted four others, according to a judicial source. Abraham Nduwimana, who was prosecuted for murder and illegal possession of a firearm, was sentenced to life imprisonment and fined 10,000,000 BIF, it was said. Tharcisse Kurakuri, found guilty of drug trafficking and consumption, was sentenced to five years in prison and fined 200,000 BIF. In the same case, the court acquitted Denis Nkundabanyaka, Déo Nsabimana, Jacques Nsabimana and Générose Kazuba, all of whom, like the first convict, were prosecuted in the case of the murder of Ms. Stéphanie Nyabenda last December in Karama village, Bwasare zone, Gasorwe commune.

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