KAYANZA February 11th (ABP) – The communal administrator of Kayanza (north), Mr. Jean-Marie Manirakiza, calls on traders operating in markets of the urban center to join insurance companies in order to be assisted in case of disasters and pay 1000 BIF per month for maintaining cleanliness.

The same authority reported that the sentries on the Kayanza town market will now be security guards, commonly referred to as “aba city”, stating that yesterday’s sentries were elderly people over 50 years old, unable to defend themselves in case of danger.

According to information provided by traders operating at the market based in downtown Kayanza and confirmed by administrator Manirakiza, instead of actually standing guard, those men of old age fell asleep all night. To overcome the challenges that may arise from that kind of guarding, administrator Manirakiza specifies that the sentries will be recruited by an association in charge of guarding which will sign, beforehand, an agreement with the commune. This association will also pay for everything stolen there, he adds.

As the Kayanza market has caught fire in the past, as well as the office of the Lumitel agency just recently, the administrator of the Kayanza commune said that 2,500,000 BIF are released annually by the commune to insure the said market. But oddly, he said, traders operating at the market in downtown Kayanza do not insure their goods. He urges them to join the insurance companies, while specifying that for traders with goods whose capital is worth 5,000,000 BIF, insurance costs amount to 80,000 BIF per year.

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