View of 100 out-of-school and vulnerable young mothers-daughters

MURAMVYA May 29th (ABP) – 100 out-of-school and vulnerable young mothers-daughters from four urban centers in Muramvya province (center-west), namely Muramvya, Bukeye, Bugarama and Gatabo were, at the provincial headquarters, trained on the development of small income-generating projects and socio-economic empowerment through the granting of microcredit.

According to Claire Celestine Irakoze, project leader of the TABARA association based in Muramvya province and funded by the European Union under the Care International consortium, OXFAM and Action Aid, 40 out-of-school mothers-daughters come from the urban center of Muramvya, 25 of the Bukeye commune’s headquarters, while 20 and 15 are from the centers of Bugarama and Gatabo

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