RUMONGE April 27th (ABP) – “Some 1,590 women have been screened of cervical cancer in a 10-month period, from June 2018 to March 2019,” the Director of the Rumonge Hospital (southwest), Dr. Ernest Nditoreye, told the check by ABP. He noted that in June, many women were screened, but after 6 months, the number has decreased. In December 2018, the campaign was relaunched, which increased the number of screenings; but nevertheless, in these days, the number of screenings has steadily decreased, Dr. Nditoreye added.

According to him, of the 1,590 women screened, 35 women had lesions that precede cervical cancer. They were treated on the spot and healed. Four other women had pre-cancerous cervical lesions in phase prior to cancer. For the latter, the Director of Rumonge Hospital said they were transferred to the more specialized center of King Khaled Hospital in Bujumbura.

Dr. Nditoreye urged the women to be screened without delay, indicating that waiting longer would expose them to the stage of cervical cancer, noting that at this time, the chances of recovery are not 100%. He also pointed out that cervical cancer screening services are available on a full-time basis at Rumonge Hospital and other health centers from Monday to Friday.

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