BUBANZA January 10th (ABP) – The governor of Bubanza province (north-west), Mr. Nobus Butoyi, is calling on the people under his tutelage to strengthen the state of security estimated at 95% in that province, by still working in the quadrilogy (“administration, people, justice, defense and security forces) and denouncing any visible source of insecurity in their respective localities, as revealed in the security meeting he held in Mpanda commune on Tuesday January 8th.

Some of the likely causes of insecurity that have been raised in that meeting include household robberies, theft of cattle and in the fields. The other cause of insecurity mentioned was the abandonment of small families perpetrated in these days by women who abandon their husbands and children to engage in prostitution, and men who abandon their families to remarry to other women in other communes such as Gihanga and Mpanda, and in the neighboring province of Cibitoke.

In Rugazi commune, Nyenkarange village, the administrator spoke of leaflets warning 29 people accused of witchcraft. In Mpanda commune, local administrative officials evoke two soldiers who swear to kill some of their neighbors. The first swears to kill the one who hit his dog and the second swears to murder by shooting, a family whose member is indebted to that soldier.

Faced with those robberies, the governor of the Bubanza province, Mr. Nobus Thérence Butoyi, asks the local inhabitants to follow closely the idlers who spend all their time in the places known as ligalas and to redouble their vigilance. As for the allegations of witchcraft, family abandonment and threats by those soldiers, the governor of Bubanza requests the involvement of the courts, so that the state of security, estimated at 95%, remains a reality.

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