CIBITOKE November 13th (ABP) – The Second Deputy President of the Republic, Hon. Joseph Butore, made a working visit on Monday November 11th, to inaugurate works done in Mugina, Rugombo and Buganda communes, as part of the 57th anniversary of Burundi’s independence.

Works inaugurated include the electrification of the Bwayi center in Mugina commune; the Rugeregere Health Center (CDS) and Rugeregere village leader’s office in Rugombo commune; the block of internal medicine at the Cibitoke hospital in Rugombo commune; and the electrification of the Nyamitanga center in Buganda commune.

The natives of the Mugina commune took the opportunity to grant a heifer to the second Deputy President of the Republic, to show their satisfaction and as a thank you for his multiple support for their commune of Mugina.

For health officials in the Cibitoke province, the Rugeregere Health Center is the 12th Functional Public Health Center in the Cibitoke Health District and the 51st public CDS in Cibitoke Health Province.

As for the leader of Rugeregere village, Mr. Laurent Ntuyahaga, having a physical address for a local administrative official is an asset to serve the people in real time.

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