RUMONGE February 11th (ABP) – A young girl was wounded on Wednesday by a hippopotamus on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, in the Kanyenkoko neighborhood at the headquarters of Rumonge province (southwest). According to the witnesses on the scene, this hippo burst in a group of young people who were bathing there. Some of them were able to escape, but a young girl was caught by the animal which tried to disembowel her. Those present on the scene screamed and threw stones at the rabid animal that finally dropped its victim before retreating. The same witnesses say that security is threatened by this hippopotamus that perpetrated this attack for the second time.

Mr. Zabulon Nsengiyumva, Provincial Manager of Civil Protection in Rumonge, calls on the people living near the Lake Tanganyika to stay away from the home of the hippos and abandon the habit of washing clothes, fetching water and fishing in an artisanal manner in Lake Tanganyika.

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