Parliamentarians on vacation continue descents to people

NGOZI January 19th (ABP) – Parliamentarians on vacation continue the descents to people. They split on Wednesday January 17 in two groups to make a visit to Tangara and Marangara communes. In Tangara, parliamentarians planted trees in the perimeter of Musenyi High Secondary School of Excellence. In all, more than 5,000 trees have been planted.
At the end of the activity, the Principal of Musenyi High Secondary School, Father Victor Ntihabose, said that the gesture that those elected representatives of the people have just made is a gesture of love for students educated in that school. He said the students and the school positively appreciated the action taken by the parliamentarians elected in the Ngozi constituency who thought about protecting the environment even inside the school. Father Victor Ntihabose finds that that is a lesson for the students of the school of excellence who will now redouble their enthusiasm for the protection of the environment.
Another group of parliamentarians went to Marangara commune where they joined people to carry out community development works on the road connecting Vumbi commune of Kirundo province to that of Marangara. They planted more than 8,000 eucalyptus seedlings before going to Kigoma hill in the same commune to carry bricks for the construction of the hill leader’s office.
On that Thursday, they continued the descents to Ngozi and Mwumba communes. In Mwumba, they planted more than 2,000 seedlings.
It should be noted that the parliamentarians elected in Ngozi constituency opened their descents in communes on Monday January 15th. They intend to go to all 9 communes of Ngozi province to collect the wishes of people.
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