RUTANA November 24rd (ABP) – President’s spokesman Jean Claude Karerwa Ndenzako said on Thursday at Gihofi in Bukemba commune, Rutana province (southeastern Burundi), after a moralization session for the natives of the province and officials, that the Head of State did not hide his satisfaction with the moralization campaign, stressing that despite a small part of the population that can be described as incorrigible, incurable or simply difficult to recover, he notes that Burundians are changing positively. This, he said, is reflected in the statements, the deeds, the project-programs of some who prove sufficiently that the country is gradually back on track and that Burundi is slowly recovering its size.

Speaking of that moralization session held at the St. Etienne Parish of Gihofi, the spokesman pointed out that, as he usually does, the President had two speakers who spoke, one on the misdeeds of Western imperialism and the other on Burundian civilization and the best way to revitalize it so that it regains the flavor it had in ancestral Burundi.

The spokesman pointed out that by focusing on those achievements, the Head of State concluded with a series of advice inviting Burundians to positively change their behavior, to do everything for not only being engaged in new ways, to seal a new alliance with their homeland but also to do everything to become intelligent, and use that intelligence to build their country and thus bequeath a prosperous country to the future generation.

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