MAKAMBA November 24th (ABP) – The Head of State, Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, held a moralization session at Karinzi in the compound of the Kayogoro Pentecostal Church of the Mabanda commune on Friday November 22, 2019, for native leaders of Makamba province (southern Burundi).

His message was part of the moralization campaign of the Burundian society, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

After the session, the spokesman of the President of the Republic, Mr. Jean Claude Karerwa Ndenzako, said that after two introductory presentations including that of Mr. Serges Ngendakumana, a geostrategist, the Head of State said that this campaign is the compilation of lessons that will extend over a broad period or even beyond his presidential term.

It is a campaign that aims to positively change the Burundians to help them reconnect with the love of their homeland, the love that characterized the Burundian ancestors of the founding of the kingdom of Burundi until the eve of colonization.

Mr. Karerwa said that in order to materialize and consolidate the achievements of that campaign, the Head of State announced that he will soon put into circulation works that are in edition of which he is the author for continuing to help the Burundian people learn more.

While waiting for the publication of those books, he reminded the Burundians to draw inspiration from the Burundian tradition and culture to do everything to return to the sources and avoid the abnormal behaviors that have tarnished the image of Burundi and imitate the founders of Burundi but also the brave Burundians like the heroes of independence and democracy.

As a thank-you, the people of Makamba handed over to the Head of State two cows and several baskets containing food, before going to inaugurate a quarantine center of animals from Tanzania built in the Musenyi village of Gitara zone and a meeting hall of Mabanda commune at its headquarters. He then inaugurated the building housing the COOPEC in Makamba commune where he received a calf from the National Federation of COOPECs of Burundi (FENACOBU).

Friday’s activities ended with a football match between his Haleluya FC team and the Makamba veterans’ Rema FC team in which the governor of Makamba province plays. The match ended with a score of 5 goals to 1 while the day before the match ended with a score of 4 goals to 1 in favor of Haleluya FC. The Head of State scored 2 goals alone during Thursday’s match.

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