BUJUMBURA April 27th (ABP) – Executives of the Provincial Directorate of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (DPEAE) in Bujumbura province (western Burundi) go every Thursday to the communes, alongside the office of the governor and the heads of provincial services, to join the people and the police in community development works. The day of Thursday, as recalled, is dedicated to the protection of the environment throughout the country.

Thursday May 25 was the turn of the Gitwe village in the Mageyo zone of ​​Mubimbi commune where those works concerned the drawing of contour lines for erosion control, a check by ABP revealed. Two executives of the Ministry in charge of the environment, namely the Director of the Burundi Office for Environmental Protection (OBPE) and the Director of Forests, also partook in those works.

The Provincial Director of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (DPEAE) in Bujumbura, Mr. Daniel Mazarahisha, said on that occasion that it has become a habit of making trips to communes, as part of the environmental Thursday to implement the program planned by communal agronomists and supervise them. He thanked all those who give their all for the program and severely criticized the behavior of people who come to the place of works without the tools (reaping hooks, machetes, axes, hoes, shovels). He also appealed to the communes to buy those tools or to ask for support from partner NGOs.

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