BUJUMBURA September 23rd (ABP) – “Today, peace faces a new danger, the climate emergency that threatens our security, our livelihoods, our lives,” as said on Friday by Me Elisa Nkerabirori, Assistant of the Minister of Human Rights, Social and Gender Affairs.

Me Nkerabirori speaking on the occasion of the International Peace Day, celebrated each year on September 21st, said that the theme chosen this year, at the international level “Climate Action, Action for Peace” fits perfectly with the National Reforestation Program called “Ewe Burundi Urambaye”, launched last year, to cope with the reduction of the country’s forest cover.

The national theme chosen by the Burundi government also calls for the protection of the environment to build peace in Burundi.

The government is delighted that this day coincided with the closing of the 13th edition of the peace torch caravan, which traveled all over the country in the joy of a people united for peace and development, said Me Nkerabirori.

She emphasized that the celebration of the day came while Burundi has just adopted its National Development Plan 2018-2027 which devotes the environmental protection and resilience to climate change in its axis 11 entitled “Changes and climate risk management “.

Official ceremonies marking that day dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace will be held on September 27 at Kigamba in Cankuzo province.

A strong appeal is made to Burundians to make that day dedicated, the expression of a beautiful fraternal celebration.

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