The Head of State calls on those responsible for development projects to work in synergy

View of the participants

GITEGA October 5th (ABP) – The President of the Republic of Burundi, Major-General Evariste Ndayishimiye invites the managers and coordinators of development projects as well as all Burundi’s development partners to work in synergy of actions and to manage like good fathers of families in favor of the well-being of all Burundians.

He launched that appeal in Gitega (central Burundi) on Thursday, October 1 during a meeting he held for the various leaders of the country’s development sectors, including some members of the government as well as Burundi’s development partners to jointly assess the state of implementation of development projects aligned with the Burundi National Development Plan (PNB) 2018 – 2027.

In his introductory speech, the Head of State indicated that they met to jointly assess the state of the implementation of development projects in Burundi so that the success cases serve as an example for others while the failures experienced are transcended to mark a new year of integral, inclusive and sustainable development of Burundi.

He recalled the slogan of the hard-working and responsible government which advocates a synergy of actions in the implementation of the various development projects and programs of Burundi. He reiterated the government’s priorities, namely the good management of the national legacy, the promotion of good governance, community development, the well-being of all Burundians, the fight against economic embezzlement and mismanagement.

He congratulated the project coordinators who ensure the good management and prosperity of their spheres of action. He called on those who mismanage financial and human resources to break with those negative attitudes.

The President of the Republic called on those responsible for development in the various spheres to fairly exercise their responsibilities in favor of sustainable development. They are also invited to work in partnership for mutual complementarity of their actions.

President Ndayishimiye also invited stakeholders in the development sectors to make profitable the country’s wealth constituted in particular by intellectual and financial capital to achieve the integral development of the country.

In his address, the Minister of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, Mr. Domitien Ndihokubwayo called on the various stakeholders in the development sectors to effectively exercise their responsibilities to improve the living conditions of the people of all social categories. He asked the various stakeholders to always take into account the concerns of the people in the execution of their respective projects and programs.

The meeting continued with exchanges and sharing of experience amid the participants.

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