A donation of food and non-food has been granted to two mothers who gave birth to triplets

MURAMVYA August 5th (ABP) – The provincial solidarity committee, led by its chairman and governor of Muramvya province (center-west of Burundi), Diomède Nzambimana, was last Friday at the maternity hospital in Muramvya district to assist two original mothers from the Biganda and Busimba villages which each gave birth to triplets. He was in the company of five communal administrators, a check on the site by the ABP has revealed.

Zone de Texte: The governor of Muramvya gives gifts to one of the mothers who gave birth to triplets

They gave each of the two mothers a donation worth more than 700,000 Burundian francs consisting of baby milk and porridge, sugar, rice and beans, as well as baby clothes, two loincloths, sheets and an envelope of 50,000 Burundian francs, not to mention hygiene kits. Governor Nzambimana congratulated the families who saw the birth of those triplets, before recalling that the spirit of solidarity emanates from the Burundian ancestors and that it is a heritage to be strengthened. To that end, he launched a vibrant appeal to sensitive souls (natives and / or stakeholders in the sector of solidarity working in the province or elsewhere) to help the families of those triplets, especially since they are farming families who need help. “We are simple farmers who always need the support for these infants and even for other children,” parents of the triplets told a check by the ABP. On behalf of the Muramvya commune, Mr. Dieudonné Nsabimana, the communal administrator at the end of his term of office, took the opportunity to give two envelopes of 50,000 Burundian francs each as a gift of support and congratulations to the parents of the triplets, he told the beneficiaries. Note that the two households with triplets had four and three children respectively before the birth of the other three.

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