The International Day of Peace has been celebrated in Kayanza

KAYANZA October 2nd (ABP) – On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Burundi joined the world in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the International Day of Peace. That day generally celebrated September 21 of each year, was celebrated this year in Burundi under the theme “Let’s fight against Covid-19 while safeguarding peace”.

The ceremonies took place in Butaganzwa commune in Kayanza province and were enhanced by the presence of the permanent secretary at the Ministry of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender.

Also present at these ceremonies were the resident representative of the United Nations People Fund (FINUAP), senior officials of the ministry with gender in its attributions, parliamentarians elected in Kayanza constituency, heads of both provincial and communal departments as well as the people of Butaganzwa, a check on the site by the ABP has revealed.

In his speech, the FINUAP resident representative in Burundi, who had represented the resident coordinator of the United Nations system in Burundi, Dr. Richmond Tiemoko, indicated that the international day of peace is an opportunity to launch an appeal to the belligerents around the world so that they lay down their arms and work for harmony.

He said that this year the International Day of Peace is being celebrated under the theme: “Let’s shape peace together”. “In that spirit and to mark that 75th anniversary, the United Nations invites the public to take part in a global conversation on how to shape the future and build peace in those difficult times”, he continued, signaling that in that period of physical distancing, they must still remain united for peace.

He said he was confident that together we are able to build a fairer, more sustainable and more equitable world.

Dr. Tiemoko took the opportunity to congratulate the ministry having social affairs in its attributions for the organization of that international day dedicated to peace. He stressed that peace is the necessary and indispensable foundation for the achievement of any development activity.

With regard to strengthening the resilience of people, especially young people, building capacities for peaceful conflict resolution in communities, strengthening intergenerational dialogue, the government’s efforts are very visible and concrete.

The FINUAP resident representative in Burundi did not forget to recall that world peace begins and is built inside every household and takes the opportunity to call for the pursuit of a ceasefire on the international scale and thus put an end to all violence because, he concluded, without lasting peace, there is no sustainable development.

In his speech for the occasion, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, Mr. Félix Ngendabanyikwa, indicated that this day comes at a time when the whole world is facing a common enemy which is the coronavirus pandemic, a pandemic which, in its words, paralyzes not only human health but also development, peace and security throughout the world without sparing Burundi.

Mr. Ngendabanyikwa recalled that to face this pandemic, the Burundian government has taken barrier measures and led a campaign sponsored by the Burundi Head of State, a campaign called “Ndakira sinandura kandi sinanduza coronavirus”(I recover, I neither get contaminated nor contaminate Covid-19 to others).

Concerning measures taken to fight Covid-19, he cited for instances the reduction in the price of soap and water as well as regular hand washing.

He called on the people to scrupulously respect those measures because, according to him, a slackening in the implementation of those preventive measures of the coronavirus is observed here and there.

Mr. Ngendabanyikwa, at the same time, recalled the peacebuilding projects that the government has initiated to encourage citizens working in the sector of safeguarding and strengthening peace.

He also spoke of the massive return of Burundian refugees in order to take advantage of the peace that reigns throughout the national territory.

The same envoy from the ministry in charge of solidarity took the opportunity to challenge everyone to avoid any act likely to destabilize the country but rather to come together to dismantle all those who would try to constitute an obstacle to public safety.

Note that the ceremonies of the day began with a parade and were marked by folk dances.

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