A delegation from the Embassy of the European Union has paid a visit to Rumonge Province

RUMONGE October 2nd (ABP) – The Ambassador of the European Union to Burundi, Mr. Claude Bochu visited on Wednesday October 30, 2020, the sanitary province of Rumonge.

Mr. Bochu and his delegation visited the Rumonge referral hospital and the Mutambara health center where the projects supported by the European Union were carried out, a clean water catchment system was implemented in order to supply that health center with drinking water.

During that visit, the provincial doctor in Rumonge, Dr. Jean Claude Ndikumasabo, mentioned some challenges that haunt the health sector in Rumonge and requested the intervention of the European Union.

He cited for instances the lack of a Bugarama health district hospital, the lack of electricity and drinking water at the level of the various health structures.

According to Bochu, the EU will continue to carry out the projects already launched and diplomatic relations between Burundi and the European Union must definitely improve so that we can work at ease in the development of those projects.

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