Security is everyone’s business, according CNS permanent secretary

BUJUMBURA September 25th (ABP) – The permanent secretary of the National Security Council (CNS), Colonel Pierre Claver Nzisabira, held in the headquarters of Ijenda in Mugongomanga commune of Bujumbura province (west of Burundi) on Tuesday September 22, a security meeting for administrative officials and other members of the Joint Security Committees (CMS) of the Mukike and Mugongomanga communes, a check by ABP revealed.

The governor of Bujumbura province (western Burundi), Mr. Désiré Nsengiyumva, indicated that this province is secure in general. People go about field and development activities, while ensuring security because, Governor Nsengiyumva estimated, without security, development is in jeopardy.

That provincial person in authority indicated that this meeting was held at the right time, the day after the entry into office of the leaders of the villages, from whom much is expected, especially in the revitalization of the joint security committees.

Colonel Nzisabira said that the objective of that meeting was to congratulate the newly elected village leaders, invite them to get to work and tell them that guaranteeing security is no longer the sole preserve of the security forces, but everyone’s business. This is why there was the establishment of joint security committees, he said.

He took that opportunity to ask those village leaders to set up CMSs without delay by referring to the relevant manual.

Following the disruption of security in Bugarama, Muhuta, Burambi, Mukike and Mugongomanga communes, it was recommended that those new elected officials keep proper visitor records, control the movements of passers-by and exchange information in real time.

Colonel Nzisabira, who said that the lack of hygiene in households and on the roads weakens human security, called on the village leaders to ensure hygiene in households.

Regarding the Coronavirus, the CNS permanent secretary indicated that this pandemic has as its entry point the lack of hygiene, recalling that by promoting hygiene, we will be fighting against diarrheal diseases.

In his interview with the press, Mr. Nzisabira indicated that such meetings are a form of preventive intelligence and early warning in security matters. The people remain concerned about people who do not want to participate in joint security committees, claiming that they are reserved only for members of the ruling party. However, he told them that security on the hills and in the villages is everyone’s responsibility.

“Anyone who does not participate will then be accused of not liking the security of their hill or village, and local authorities must ensure that no one shies away from it,” he said.

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