Two ministers have taken part in the campaign to administer vitamins to rabbits

BUJUMBURA November 30th (ABP) – The Minister of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, Mrs. Imelde Sabushimike and the Minister of East African Community Affairs, Youth, Sports and of Culture, Mr. Ezéchiel Nibigira carried out Thursday, November 26, 2020, a field trip to the headquarters of the commune of Isare in the province of Bujumbura (western Burundi). They took part in the campaign to administer vitamins to rabbits which were distributed to members of village associations by the local NGO called Hello-B, a check on the site by the ABP has revealed.

In his welcoming speech, the governor of that province, Mr. Désiré Nsengiyumva thanked that NGO for having chosen that province as an intervention area and pointed out that this will improve the living conditions of the people. He further reported that the people are getting down to development work to respond to the President’s call that “every mouth must find something to eat and that every pocket has money”.

The legal representative of the local NGO Hello-B, Ms. Espérance Mpawenimana indicated that this NGO currently operates in four provinces of Bujumbura, Mwaro, Rumonge, Bujumbura city council and supervises associations and people with poor living conditions, particularly the Batwa in agriculture, Livestock and the results are palpable.

She was delighted with the fact that in two weeks that NGO will be twelve years old and it is part of the government’s policy where every mouth should be fed and every pocket has money.

She reported that raising rabbits is easy, profitable and can change the lives of the people in a short period of time, promising that in two months there will be set up a rabbit multiplication center in all the communes of Bujumbura. to make them available and called on young people to form an association to practice that livestock.

Mrs. Mpawenimana requested government support in that activity and pointed out that there are associations that do not benefit from Hello-B support but have made progress on the Karunga, Rutegama, Nyarumpongo, Cirisha villages and Kavunabiti. The 5 associations were awarded, each received from Hello-B an envelope of 200 thousand Burundian francs.

She called on the people of Bujumbura to sensitize households who have contracted illegal marriages to regularize their union as soon as possible without forgetting to continue to respect the measures of prevention of Covid-19 because the pandemic is a reality in Burundi.

In their speeches, the two ministers congratulated the NGO Hello-B for the activities carried out in these provinces of intervention and expressed the wish that it extends its activities in the provinces not covered so far. They were also delighted with the fact that it has chosen as its target women and young people with poor living conditions, believing that it is a great contribution for the country, pledging the support of the government to this NGO.

They also called on young people to seize the ball by creating associations and cooperatives of self-development in order to benefit from the credits of the government and the Bank of investment for the young people (BIJE) because from now on the government does not will no longer support solo operators.

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