Towards improving the lives of the people through the community solidarity chain

BUJUMBURA April 15th (ABP) – The community solidarity chain is a practice to which the farmers of the Nyabiraba commune in Bujumbura province (west) are used to do, this was disclosed by ABP from an administrative source.

A stockbreeder who has acquired a heifer, a sheep, a goat or a sow already knows that he will have to give a beast to his fellow member of the same association, which will increase the number of stockbreeders, said the administrator of Nyabiraba commune, Mr. Ferdinand Simbananiye, Monday April 13 at the ABP, during a delivery of an improved breed heifer to a resident of Gasarara in the Nyabibondo zone. That will certainly improve the living conditions of the people which will be able to increase food production.

Mr. Mathias Sindakira expressed his joy at the microphone of the ABP and indicated that obtaining a heifer is an added value for his family who will work to raise him well, so that they can give in a heifer in a few years, adding that family life will now improve, as she will have milk, manure and additional income.

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