The Vice President of the Republic invites AGEAGL to proceed with immediate compensation for the Kamenge market

BUJUMBURA October 6th (ABP) – The Vice President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Prosper Bazombanza, went on Sunday October 4 to the Kamenge market which caught fire during the night from Friday to Saturday, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

After having seen all the damage caused by the fire which damaged a large part of that market (more than 2/5), that authority first thanked the civil protection service for intervening from the first moments and was able to put out that fire and save what could be saved.

At the same time, he congratulated the administrative officials, the Ntahangwa commune and the Bujumbura city council for having thought of insuring this market to the insurance company AGEAGL (General Insurance Agency of the Great Lakes). He took advantage of that opportunity to appeal to that company to get straight to the job to proceed to the immediate compensation of that market and traders who have insured their goods. He appealed to all communal administrators and provincial governors to ensure that all markets in the country are insured. He also asked that traders be mobilized to take out insurance within one or the other insurance company.

Regarding the next step after this fire, Mr. Bazombanza said that they will proceed with the construction of that market, so as to reserve passage for fire engine in the event of a fire.

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