The Senate has unanimously adopted six decree bills

GITEGA June 19th (ABP) – The Burundi Senate unanimously adopted on Wednesday June 17, 2020, the decree bill ratifying by the Republic of Burundi the financing agreement n ° IDA D616 between the Republic of Burundi and the International Development Association in favor of the COVID-19 preparation and response project in Burundi, signed in Bujumbura, April 14, 2020.

On behalf of the Burundi government, the Minister of Finance, Budget and Development Cooperation, Mr. Domitien Ndihokubwayo told the Senate plenary that this financing agreement will help Burundi prevent, detect and respond to threats of the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that this financing agreement will generally help Burundi to strengthen public health systems in order to prepare for epidemics and the management of cases tested positive for COVID-19 in particular; and that, in accordance with the directives of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Ministry Ndihokubwayo also introduced two other decree bills. The first concerned the ratification by the Republic of Burundi of the agreement for the elimination of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to income tax between the governments of the Republic of Burundi, of Kenya, from Uganda, Rwanda and the United Republic of Tanzania.

Speaking on the interest of that agreement, he indicated that it will avoid double taxation and prevent tax assessment in all partner states. Mr. Ndihokubwayo clarified that this agreement constitutes a guarantee for the reciprocal protection of investments between the countries of the East African Community (EAC). Burundi having already started negotiations on tax treaties with other countries, he said, the agreement will serve as a legal instrument for the implementation of a harmonized fiscal policy with the countries of the said community.

The other decree bill revised law n ° 1/02 of 07/01/2014 relating to the insurance code in Burundi.

The decree bill establishing the general framework for the functioning of professional orders in Burundi was also adopted unanimously. The Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment who presented the said law indicated that the interest which it takes is to ensure legislative and regulatory coherence by subjecting all the professional orders to common principles. Mr. Mpozeriniga, added that professional orders are required to comply with them and to set up the various bodies to ensure their proper functioning, as well as respect for their mission of protecting the public during the exercise of the profession.

The Burundi Senate also unanimously adopted the decree bill ratifying by the Republic of Burundi the financing agreement N ° D5620 for the integrated community development project “Turikumwe”, presented by the Minister of the Interior, Patriotic Training and Local Development, Mr. Pascal Barandagiye.

Finally, the Senate unanimously adopted the decree bill ratifying by the Republic of Burundi the grant agreement No. 5670 in the amount of one hundred thousand American dollars between the Republic of Burundi and the World Bank / International development association relating to the “Solar energy (Soleil-Nyakiriza) project in rural communities, signed in Bujumbura on March 5, 2020.

The activities of the plenary assembly of the Senate began with a minute of silence observed in memory of the late Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, President of the Republic of Burundi, who pass away unexpectedly on June 8, 2020.

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