The security situation is good in Karusi province

KARUSI September 13th (ABP) – The security situation is good in Karusi province (central-eastern Burundi), the provincial governor, Mrs. Calinie Mbarushimana, said Friday September 11, 2020 during the meeting of the head of state. with MPs and senators elected in Karusi, native ministers of that province, communal administrators and heads of key services.

However, cases of land disputes and drunkenness stand out here and there, said Governor Mbarushimana. The main activities of the moment are, for instances the protection of the environment by the installation of contour lines, the maintenance of fruit tree nurseries and agro-forestry, as well as the stumping of eucalyptus near the marshes, reported the provincial governor, who also mentioned the cultivation of marshes by irrigation and the cultivation of fodder grasses in order to prepare for the permanent stabling of the herd which begins in 2021.

In the field of education, no problem has been reported with the start of the new school year which began on Monday, September 7, 2020, and awareness of the fight against school dropouts continues.

As for the health sector, three cases of COVID-19 were noted last month, but all the victims are now in good health and the awareness on the methods of prevention continues, specified the governor Mbarushimana.

Regarding infrastructure, the province is now working on the rehabilitation of bridges and culverts damaged by the rains of the past season, on the one hand, and the construction of the modern stadium of Karusi, on the other hand, said the provincial authority, who warmly thanked the President of the Republic who arrived with a donation of cement and reinforcing bars for that purpose.

Note that after the speech by the provincial governor, the meeting continued behind closed doors.

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