The Second Deputy President of the Republic has launched the development and asphalting works of the RN16 Taba-Gakuba

BURURI April 28th (ABP) – The second Deputy President of the Republic, Dr Joseph Butore proceeded on Saturday, April 25, 2020, to the opening of development and asphalting works on the Taba-Gakuba road in Ryansoro commune from the province of Gitega over a distance of 34.72 km, a road which will be built over two years for an amount of 48 million US dollars.

The ceremonies to launch those works took place in the village of Ruzira, the commune of Matana.

The Minister of Transport, Public Works, Equipment and Regional Planning, Mr. J Bosco Ntunzwenima indicated that the government of Burundi has rehabilitated and / or paved more than a dozen national roads connecting the provinces to others over the past 15 years. The Second Deputy President of the Republic indicated that in the priority projects of the government include the construction of roads to facilitate the execution of projects in key sectors of the country such as Agriculture, health, education and others.

Mr. Butore said the path to development begins with the development of the road. Those far-reaching projects are being carried out thanks to the peace and security that prevails in the country, he said. He added that the road promotes the movement of goods and people, the transaction and also strengthens the coexistence of the people.

He asked the people of Bururi to continue to consolidate peace and security so that other projects can take place.

He recalled that the asphalting of roads requires large financial means because, a kilometer costs more or less 1.5 million US dollars reason why the people who have just benefited from that road are called to maintain it well.

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