The provincial administration calls on the people to stop all activity in the Kibira forest

KAYANZA August 23rd (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza province (northern Burundi), Colonel Rémy Cishahayo asks the inhabitants of the three communes of the Kayanza province bordering the natural forest of Kibira not to look for honey, to Partial view of participants in the leadership and entrepreneurship debate in Burundi hunt wild animals and farming, he said in an interview with a check by the ABP.

He said that this measure comes within the framework of curbing the bush fires which often become numerous in that national heritage, stressing that the Kibira forest has been devastated by the bush fires in recent days in the communes of Muruta and Matongo, all from Kayanza province, a check on the site by the ABP has revealed.

He asked his leaders to work in close collaboration with the local administration and the security forces, to hold awareness-raising meetings for the people of the communes of Matongo, Muruta and Kabarore bordering the Kibira. Through them, the people also learn that it is forbidden to smoke while in that forest.

Governor Cishahayo said those meetings are also an opportunity to sensitize people who go there to collect honey using fire, Ifumba in Kirundi, to stop that practice. Residents of Kayanza province are also invited to respond massively and instantly when bushfires break out here and there.

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