The preventive measures against Covid-19 are no longer observed in the provinces of Bujumbura and Gitega

BUJUMBURA / GITEGA June 9th (ABP) – Barrier measures for prevention against Coronavirus such as washing hands with soap and water, social distancing, greetings without shaking hands or kissing, are no longer strictly observed, a check by the ABP  disclosed this in Bujumbura province (west of Burundi).

That observation was also made by health personnel and owners of bars and shops, who claim that handwashing devices are no longer used as before.

A shop owner who requested anonymity told the ABP on Saturday that people who used to shop for food and other store items used to wash their hands before asking something but that for the moment it is no longer the case.

He added that he cannot force them to do so because for him the important thing is to sell his products.

As an example, he continued, before I used two to three buckets of water a day but even today a bucket of water does not end a day.

According to him, a certain constraint should be exerted on any person who goes beyond the measures of prevention of Covid-19.

In Gitega, the situation is the same. The people of the Gitega urban center (center of the country) shows a relaxation in the application of barrier gestures to COVID-19.

In places that a check by the ABP visited last Friday June 5, 2020 such as the central market of Gitega, bar-restaurants, stalls, and so on, people pass by the handwashing device without worrying about using it.

As an indication, the guards of the central market of Gitega find it difficult to force renegades to wash their hands before entering the market.

“Some pretend not to have seen the device and return to wash their hands at our insistence, told the ABP a market watchman, adding that this neglect is observed both in educated people and in people in the countryside.

In addition, in many corners, there is equipment containing water, but without disinfectant or soap.

The people, enamored of the desire for prevention at Covid-19, asks the hygiene departments to strictly monitor the proper application of the barrier measures to this pandemic.

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