The national test for the ninth year 2020 edition has started well

BUJUMBURA / MAKAMBA / GITEGA / CIBITOKE / KARUSI June 10th (ABP)– The national test 2020 edition has started well in all provinces of the country, despite the delay recorded in some centers due to logistical problems, a check on the site by the ABP has revealed. The tests relate to two courses namely entrepreneurship and Human Sciences and the end of that competition is scheduled for Thursday, June 11, 2020.

In the Bujumbura City Council, at Our lady High school examination center of Rohero which welcomed 219 candidates from five institutions (Our lady High school of Rohero, the Independent High School, the Ideal High School on the horizon and Without borders High School), Mrs. Francine Ndayishimiye, Chairwoman of the center, said that this test started at 8 hours 48 minutes instead of 7 hours 30 minutes.

She attributes that delay to the late delivery of drafts by some school principals to the work of cleaning the desks benches on which were written the subjects tested on Tuesday.

At the Tanganyika Lake High School, which houses two examination centers with 439 and 371 candidates respectively, officials say that this test started at 8:55 a.m. One of the officials of those two test centers, Mrs. Emelyne Ndayirukiye, told the press that the guards arrived on time but regretted that the candidates had arrived late at the test sites.

In the three test centers, officials are pleased that the directives of the ministry in charge of education in connection with the award of that competition have been respected. Those include the wearing of uniforms, the prohibition of wearing a telephone and haircutting.

In addition, elements of the Burundi national police had been deployed on the scene so that this large-scale educational activity could take place in good conditions of security.

The organizers of that competition took care to install handwashing devices at the entrance of all test centers to help candidates prevent themselves from Covid-19.

In Makamba, according to the provincial director of education, technical and vocational training (DPEFTP), Mr. Sem Nimpaye, 5,796 candidates were expected to take that test in 66 centers.

Mr. Nimpaye indicated that a pupil who should take the contest of the 9th fundamental year at the center of Mabanda was refused to take the exam because he is not on the list of those who must do that exam.

 In the center of the Mary Mother of Mercy room in Makamba where 5 schools were expected including Basic School Makamba I, II, and III, Reference High  School and Makamba Satellite High School of Knowledge (ECOSSAM), all 326 candidates presented themselves to do that contest.

In Gitega, the chairmen of the national test award centers, 2020 edition, of the Holy Therese High School in Mushasha and the Peace High School of Magarama, in the urban center of Gitega, gave to a check by the ABP their impressions of satisfaction linked to the start-up of that test scheduled from June 9 to 12, 2020.

However, they indicated that the competition started with a slight delay since it started with the call of the candidates, the allocation of places to them and the verification of their registration numbers.

In addition, three pupils were absent in the two test centers, including two pupils in the test center of the Magarama Peace High School out of a total of 98 candidates registered and one pupil in the Holy Therese test center in Mushasha where 212 candidates were expected. All the planned supervisors were at work as were the security elements.

According to the provincial director of education for Gitega, Mr. Bernard Ndabahagamye, the candidates for the competition are 8,086 in that school province while specifying that they are distributed in 119 test centers and that surveillance is ensured by 320 elements.

Mr. Ndabahagamye also said that 13 candidates with sensory disabilities, including 9 visually impaired and 4 deaf-mutes, also participate in this test.

In Cibitoke, the national exam for the end of the 4th cycle of basic school, 2020 edition, started well between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., in 55 test centers scattered in the six communes of the province Cibitoke.

The 4,684 candidates from 138 schools are expected to take part in the competition under the supervision of 126 teachers, according to educational sources. The bulk of the candidates presented themselves apart from a few absences of two or three pupils per test center for reasons related to dropping out of school.

At Cibitoke high school in the Rugombo school district, 194 pupils were present out of a total of 197 who were expected. The same situation was observed at Mukingira Basic School where three cases of absence were revealed.

In the communal direction of education in Mabayi, where a driving accident killed two and injured three among the supervision team of the competition, the communal director of education, Mr. Elias Karabakenwa, said two new units were sent from Bujumbura, in addition to the duplication of the presidency for two centers, and the two co-presidents became the chairmen for two transfer centers, to adapt to that situation.

In Karusi, the test started on time according to the provincial director of education, Mr Stanislas Manirakiza who also reassures himself of the good success.

At the Fraternity high school test center where a check by the ABP was, just at 7:30 am, the director of that center, Mr. Egide Ndayishimiye first reminded the pupils of the instructions. He then proceeded to call and recall the sequence numbers to each pupil who took his seat. No candidate was absent. The 160 candidates started the exam at 8:00 am. At the provincial level, 1,846 candidates are expected and the competition took place in 33 centers, under the supervision of 52 supervisors.

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