The Minister in charge of solidarity has granted iron sheets to 21 Batwa families

MUYINGA October 12th (ABP) – The Minister of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, Mrs. Imelda Sabushimike, granted iron sheet assistance on Thursday, October 8 to 21 families of the Batwa component from the Ruganigwa site, Cumba zone, Muyinga commune and province (north-eastern Burundi), victims of the bad weather of September 21, a check by ABP revealed.

Minister Sabushimike said she was satisfied with the spirit of solidarity shown by some of the victims. She urged the people to perpetuate that gesture of solidarity to come to the end of certain sudden situations which affect people in their daily life.

Speaking to the residents of the Ruganigwa site, she advised them to make environmental protection their permanent concern and to minimize environmental risks. Minister Sabushimike further thanked the administration for rescuing the victims of the uncomfortable situation by giving them blankets and beans.

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