The MEMISA NGO has granted medical supplies and equipment to CDS Kirama

MURAMVYA May 6th (ABP) – The MEMISA NGO Belgium on Monday May 4 granted medical supplies and equipment to the Kirama Health Center (CDS), but following the poor condition of the road connecting Bugarama and that health center, that donation was received and kept at CDS Bugarama, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The legal representative of the MEMISA NGO in Burundi, Dr Edouard Nkurunziza, said that this donation was given to CDS Kirama in order to support the quality of care in that health facility. It is also to strengthen the CDS platform in materials and equipment, he said.

Dr .Nkurunziza then said that a similar donation will be made to the newly built CDS and Giko hospital in Bukeye commune to ensure the quality of care there as well.

Those in charge of both the communal and provincial administration, in turn, positively appreciated that donation of support granted by MEMISA Belgium. They reported that Muramvya commune and province are peaceful and calm during this election campaign period.

The doctor director of the Provincial Health Office (BPS) in Muramvya, Dr. Polycarpe Ndayikeza, said he was satisfied with that gesture by the legal representative of the NGO MEMISA Belgium who gives himself body and soul to improve the health sector of the population through the consolidation of community health mutuals and support for vulnerable people.

He recommended to the holder and the staff of CDS Kirama to keep and use the equipment received and for the benefit of the people of Kirama and its surroundings.

Note that this donation made to CDS Kirama has a value of 8,445,300 BIF.

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