The KCE Company has joined forces with SOS Muyinga High School children to celebrate World Environment Day

MUYINGA June 8th (ABP) – The role of young learners in protecting the environment is undeniable given the integration of the environmental component into their school programs, affirmed on Friday, two young pupils from the primary school of the SOS children’s village of Muyinga (north-eastern Burundi) on the sidelines of the festivities for the celebration of World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5 each year.

The ceremonies were organized by an Indian company, KCE International limited, which builds the power line from the Rusumo dam on the Tanzanian-Rwandan border to Gitega via the province of Muyinga.

The company donated 426 plants with a majority of fruit essences such as passion fruit, lemon, orange and mango.

Other species concerned “Calijuana” and “Pinus”, it was said. Thirty of those plants were planted in the school grounds and the rest were taken by the children to install them in family plots.

The children have made a commitment to maintain the plants given to them to meet the challenges currently observed in protecting the environment. The governor of Muyinga province, Mrs. Aline Manirabarusha, welcomed the initiative of KCE which chose to celebrate this World Environment Day alongside children to familiarize them with the importance of protecting the environment. She asked the company KCE to help the communes to have shrub plants for intensive reforestation of the bare hills.

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