The entrance exams to the faculties of medicine and statistics have been launched

GITEGA / BUJUMBURA / BUBANZA March 29th (ABP) – The Minister having university education in his attributions, Mr. Gaspard Banyankimbona proceeded on March 26, 2020, to the university campus of Zege in commune and province Gitega (center), at the launch official of the 6th edition of the competition for access to the faculty of medicine and the 3rd edition of access to the faculty of statistics, noted the ABP on the site. A total of 943 candidates took the test out of 1,044 candidates expected to take the medical school entrance exam, representing a participation rate of 90.32%, said Banyankimbona, adding that among they included 308 girls, corresponding to 32.66% compared to the total workforce. As for the test of access to the faculty of statistics, Minister Banyankimbona said that there were many non-registrants, explaining that we expected 253 candidates, but that the candidates present were among them 287, or a participation rate of 113.53%. Very few girls in that event, he added, only 57 girls, corresponding to 19.86%. Speaking on the motives that led to the organization of that kind of competition in the two faculties, Mr. Banyankimbona explained that human health is delicate and that it is therefore necessary doctors capable of being up to their tasks. Hence, he said, the selection is essential. In addition, that selection is part of the logic of aligning with the practices of the sub-region which advocates the competition as a condition of access to the faculty of medicine. The same delicacy goes with the statistics, said Banyankimbona, arguing that the false statistics are leading the ruling authorities to make bad decisions and that this year the ministry has felt the need to expand the test centers for those competitions in the provinces of Gitega, Bubanza and Ruyigi, whereas before, the three collection centers were only Bujumbura, Ngozi and Makamba.

In Bujumbura City Council, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research organized on Thursday March 26, 2020 an entrance exam to the faculties of medicine of public and private universities and the faculty of statistics for the University of Burundi only. The permanent executive secretary of the national higher education commission of the said ministry, Dr Sylvie Hatungimana indicated to the press that those two competitions will take place in 6 centers, namely Bujumbura (Campus Mutanga), Gitega (Campus Zege), Ngozi (University of Ngozi), Ruyigi (Our Lady of Joy High School), Bubanza (Bubanza Paramedic School) and Makamba (Makamba High School). According to her, a total of 1345 candidates were expected for these two competitions. She said a small delay was observed at the Mutanga campus due to cases of irregularities that had to be dealt with first. The latter concern 108 laureates who registered late and 26 others who presented themselves the same day of the test, even though they did not register. It was then necessary to develop additional rooms, she said. Dr Hatungimana also indicated that for the medicine group, the candidates will pass 6 tests, including biology, physics and French for the 1st day as well as mathematics, chemistry and English for the 2nd day. As for the candidates to the faculty of statistics, they will face the math test in two series (A and B) for the 1st day as well as French and general knowledge for the 2nd day. Dr. Hatungimana pointed out that for the medical school, 300 candidates will be distributed in the three universities of Burundi, Hope of Africa and Ngozi, at the rate of 100 candidates each. For the faculty of statistics, 100 candidates will be selected. The results of those contests will be available in two weeks, she noted.

In Bubanza (north-west), 33 laureates of the general humanities will take Thursday and Friday the tests giving access to the faculties of medicine and statistics, in the precincts of the paramedical school, on March 26 and 27, we have observed on the spot. Those 33 winners came from the Bubanza and Cibitoke provinces. Among them, 20 including 7 girls take the test to enter medicine, while 13 boys are competing to continue their studies at the Institute of Applied Statistics, at the Nyamugerera campus in Bubanza province, a department of the University of Burundi.  As noted, before entering the test room, the temperature was read for each winner, to check their health, and each winner had to wash their hands, present their certificate of success for the exam of State and its identity card, said Professor Fulgence Nahayo, president of that test center and dean of the Institute of applied statistics at the University of Burundi

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