The development with a guaranteed return on investment made by the people

BUJUMBURA June 23rd (ABP) – The President of the Republic of Burundi, Major General Evariste Ndayishimiye, in his inauguration speech, calmed the people, stressing that a democratic approach is based on the popular will of improving his lot. “Development by the people and for the people and development with a guaranteed return on the investment made by the people will be our motto and not development by the people for their leaders,” he added. He also promised that he will put in place a responsible government which manages as a father, who listens to the people and invites them to denounce corruption and embezzlement of all kinds. He also invited everyone to play their role because, he explains, denunciation is very crucial in the fight against corruption, stating that theft of the common good, corruption and embezzlement are crimes severely punishable by Burundian law.

Major General Ndayishimiye also stressed that for good governance to take root in our country, Burundians are called on to contribute to eradicate the spirit of political fighting for positions of responsibility, without forgetting to sow a spirit of accountability to the people. He invited political parties, organizations defending the rights and interests of citizens as well as the media to denounce possible obstacles to the rights and interests of citizens. He has made it clear that he is concerned about improving the country’s image abroad, through relations based on mutual respect, complementarity, strengthening the understanding between Burundi and others countries and with the various international organizations, with a view to economic development cooperation. He therefore envisages solidarity with all countries, especially in projects and programs for the protection of the environment, development and the protection of the human species, since the earth is common to all humans. For him, Burundi remains open to countries and organizations of countries that want more rapprochement to establish and / or maintain relations of complementarity for planetary interest.

The President of the Republic of Burundi was also delighted with the initiative of the African Union to create the Continental Free Trade Area, an initiative that will allow the exchange of African products in Africa. For him, inter-African relations should improve and move towards a free movement of people and goods. To achieve that, roads should be built to facilitate that free movement. According to President Ndayishimiye, Africans could take the opportunity to share the various indigenous knowledge of inestimable value, as was done in the time when Burundians traveled to Uganda, others in Tanzania, for field work. That practice has enabled people to get to know each other and strengthen their unity on the basis of each other’s talents.

That is how Major General Ndayishimiye undertook to offer foreign investors an ideal framework for an always win-win partnership, before urging them to seize the many business opportunities offered by Burundi as well as the guarantee of pleasant living conditions, in the hope that Burundians will also be treated at home with the same dignity.

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