The Christian event EDGE-FEST has been officially launched

BUJUMBURA September 24th (ABP) – The Christian organization, Entertainment During Gospel Experience (EDGE), held in Bujumbura on Tuesday September 22, 2020, a press briefing on the launch of the first edition of the EDGE-FEST festival which will take place in Bujumbura on December 24 and 25, 2020, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

For Mr. Christian Nsavye, one of the event’s organizers, “EDGE-FEST” is one of the leading gospel music festivals created to engage in East and Central Africa. It is also a presentation of events oriented towards Christian music, the first edition of which will be launched at international headquarters of the Rock Church.

According to Mr. Nsavye, EDGE-FEST’s main mission is centered on winning souls through gospel music. Its main vision is to ensure that EDGE becomes a better Christian movement reaching the youth and people with special needs across the region and beyond borders.

Mr. Nsavye also indicated that the central goal of EDGE is to display the best gospel talent, across the member countries of East and Central Africa, with different song tunes inspiring the spirit of praise and worship.

He continued to say that EDGE also seeks to promote peace and unity, through gospel concerts to member countries in the region, and to show the secret of career success through gospel music in member countries. To achieve its objectives, Mr. Nsavye said that strategies will be implemented, including the recognition of the various stakeholders who are inside or outside the gospel music industry, the development of an audiovisual studio that will facilitate productions and publications at all levels of the gospel music industry. There is also the creation of an online gospel music sales platform through which artists of different levels will be given a platform to show off their talents.

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