The ceremonies of electoral campaign have been closed across the country

BUJUMBURA / GITEGA / KAYANZA / MWARO / BURURI / KARUSI / KIRUNDO May 19th (ABP) – the political parties were continuing their electoral campaign for the triple ballot of May 20, 2020.

The candidate of the CNDD-FDD party, Major General Evariste Ndayishimiye, closed on Friday May 16, 2020 at the grounds of the Secondary Technical School (ETS) of Kamenge, his electoral campaign for the presidential election of May 20, 2020, in the presence of the President of the Republic of Burundi and leader of the Council of Elders within the CNDD-FDD party, Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, a check on the site by the ABP has revealed.

In his occasional speech, Major General Ndayishimiye first expressed his gratitude to President Nkurunziza, for having accompanied and supported him throughout his electoral campaign. He pointed out that his societal project encompasses all the grievances of the country’s social categories, promising that he is committed to the fight against poverty. He also indicated that good health for all, hygiene, fair justice, fair social protection, revitalization of the agriculture and livestock sector, the supply of drinking water, the electrification of its cities and towns, the multiplication of interprovincial routes and so forth, are his priorities.

The CNDD-FDD candidate promised that the neighborhoods of Bujumbura City Council will be supplied with sufficient water and that hygiene will be improved in the Bwiza and Buyenzi neighborhoods. He also promised the construction of decent housing and the establishment of agro-food industries, with a view to creating employment for young people. He added that there will be a frank collaboration between the Bujumbura City Council and the province Bujumbura to find the solution to the risks and disasters which threaten the City Council.

Concerning the international cooperation, Mr. Ndayishimiye said that the country will do everything to show the international community that Burundi is capable of self-development, through the transformation of its natural heritage, which will be the subject exchange to bring currency. Foreign investors will be encouraged to bring their capital to Burundi, according to Major General Evariste Ndayishimiye, who says he is committed to doing everything to help the people forget the painful past. “Anyone who hides behind politics to disrupt security and make citizens lose their lives will be caught and immediately brought to justice for their actions.”

The President Nkurunziza welcomed the behavior of the Bagumyabanga during the current electoral campaign, before expressing his gratitude to God the Almighty for sparing the CNDD-FDD party from all the challenges it encountered in 2006, 2010 and 2015. He also added that he is finishing his term when the country is able to finance itself at more than 90%, reassuring that in one or two years, Burundi will be able to finance itself 100%.

He testified that Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye is a mediator and experienced in leadership and administration. By way of illustration, he explained, Mr. Ndayishimiye was the representative of the CNDD-FDD Movement in Arusha, Tanzania, to negotiate and sign the Ceasefire Agreements, and was the first to arrive in Bujumbura for the implementation of the conventions signed in Arusha. He was also the envoy of the CNDD-FDD Party to Arusha to conduct cease-fire negotiations with the FNL (National Liberation Front) movement, and brought satisfactory results.

For President Nkurunziza, the CNDD-FDD candidate for the presidential election is endowed with a spirit of zeal, skill and courage, and always places God first. “Since becoming secretary general of the CNDD-FDD party, many new members have been welcomed into this party,” said the Chairman of the Council of Elders in the ruling party, adding that almost 90% political parties approved in Burundi support the candidate of the CNDD-FDD party. He calls on in general the people and the Bagumyabanga in particular to vote for the CNDD-FDD party, and promises that he will always be with that candidate.

The closing ceremonies of the electoral campaign of the CNDD-FDD party saw the participation of senior officials of the country including the second Deputy President of the Republic of Burundi, the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Senate President, the first Deputy President of the Senate, the second Deputy President of the National Assembly, the Burundian ombudsman, the Mayor of the city of Bujumbura. They also witnessed the participation of representatives from countries like Kenya, China, Nigeria, Tanzania, DRC, Libya, Uganda, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Mali and the Romania, representatives of religious denominations, international NGOs and that of certain approved political parties in Burundi.

The candidate of the UPRONA party, Mr. Gaston Sindimwo, held a meeting on Saturday in downtown Gitega, the political capital, with representatives of the governing bodies of this party, including Mr. Anicet Niyongabo who was the delegate of the leader of the UPRONA party and the provincial secretary of this party in Gitega, Mr. Remy Nahimana. The consolidation of the unity of Burundians and the promotion of sustainable development are the priority actions of the UPRONA party’s social project, according to the candidate president of this party.

He promised that once elected he will use the experience acquired during his duties as the 1st Vice-President of the Republic to consolidate the unity of Burundians, maintain peace and security throughout the country. He also promised the promotion of agriculture and animal husbandry through the distribution of 2 cows per household within three years, the promotion of decent housing in rural zones within 4 years, the transformation of sites of displaced in modern villages of peace and gatherers inhabited by Burundians from different social components. He added that he will promote the construction of modern urban infrastructure, the construction of a highway on the Gitega-Bujumbura axis.

Mr. Sindimwo recommended that the officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) always ensure the smooth running of the electoral process. He notably proposed the representativeness of the different political parties competing among the polling station agents, the counting of the cards of the voters distributed and those which remained.

The delegate of the leader of UPRONA, Mr. Anicet Niyongabo invited the militants of the UPRONA party to present themselves very early on the polls on Election Day to vote massively the candidate Sindimwo as well as the candidates’ deputies and communal councilors aligned by this party. In this way they will have supported, according to him, UPRONA and his project for a society mainly focused on the ideals of peace, national unity, justice and inclusive and sustainable development.

He also said that the UPRONA program was inspired by the model of its founder, Prince Louis Rwagasore, hero of national independence.

For instances, he promotes justice for all, respect for human dignity and the promotion of cooperatives for the economic empowerment of the people. He recalled the historical achievements of the UPRONA party which mark his pride, in particular the conduct of the country to national independence in 1962.

In Kayanza, the provincial representation of the UPRONA party joined the Badasigana of the commune and province Kayanza on Saturday May 16. The provincial representative of this party, Mr. Sylvain Bakanibona, indicated that the UPRONA party holds out well in that province and that the proof is that it is in smooth with the other political formations, the coalitions of political parties and the independents on all the national territory. He asked the Badasigana in Kayanza to wake up early on Election Day to go and vote first, then take care of their daily activities and return to the polling stations in the afternoon to follow the counting of votes.

He called on members of the UPRONA party to jealously guard voter cards and to ensure that there are no politicians who buy them. He asked the agents of his party to remain vigilant during the counting, to avoid that there is no electoral fraud.

On behalf of the deputy candidates put forward by UPRONA in Kayanza province, Mr. Anthère Sendegeya promised that once elected, they will always stay by the side of the Badasigana and that they will see to the implementation of the project of society put forward by their party. He also said they will pass laws that allow the country to achieve sustainable development.

In Mwaro, the electoral campaign went without irregularities in the provinces, according to the Chairman of the Independent Provincial Electoral Commission (CEPI), Mr. Cassien Nyobewumunsi. He is delighted that this activity was carried out in accordance with the law.

As for the distribution of voter cards, the operation continued at the level of the Independent Communal Election Commissions (CECI) and the distribution rate had reached more than 90.1% at the time of the closure. The CEPI Chairman indicated, however, that some registered voters could not find their cards due to errors made during registration.

Note  that in Mwaro voters are expected at 459 polling stations throughout the province, i.e. 98 offices in Nyabihanga, 96 in Ndava, 88 in Kayokwe, 75 offices in Rusaka, 57 in Bisoro and finally 45 polling stations in Gisozi.

In Karusi, the CNL party carried out its electoral campaign on Saturday, May 16, at the Buhiga stadium.

The improvement of the educational system and the road network, the regrouping of the people in villages of peace improved to solve the problem of the dwindling lands as well as the good extraction and management of ores are the great projects of Agathon Rwasa, the CNL party candidate.

Before his propaganda speech, the provincial representative of the CNL spoke of the difficulties encountered by his activists in their political activities.

In Bururi, the APDR party ended its election campaign on Saturday in the headquarters of Matana commune. The leader of this party, Mr. Gabriel Banzawitonde, indicated that the APDR party is six years old and that the idea of ​​creating his party was born from the observation that people with low incomes and young people are instruments of the politicians then that they constitute actors of production for self-development.

The APDR social project is based on enhancing the economy by increasing the salaries of civil servants, reducing taxes, developing community cooperatives and building road infrastructure.

In the health sector, the APDR envisages the establishment of paramedical schools both public and private specialized and highly equipped, while in the field of education, it plans to repatriate the brains of Burundi and promote the quality of education.

In diplomacy, the leader of the APDR indicates that Burundi must revalue diplomatic relations with all other countries. In the agricultural sector, promote intensive agriculture to improve agricultural production through irrigation and watering during the dry season. He clarified that his party has seen fit to support the CNDD-FDD candidate in the presidential elections but will run in the legislative and municipal elections.

In Kirundo the Sahwanya FRODEBU Nyakuri Iragi rya Ndadaye party organized its meeting in Susa village in Ntega commune. The provincial representative of that party, Mr. Séverin Nkurunziza, asked his activists to vote for the CNDD-FDD candidate, Major General Evariste Ndayishimiye for the presidential election and to vote for Sahwanya FRODEBU Nyakuri for the other polls.

About the project of society, Mr. Nkurunziza said that the future elected members of this party will help to develop the activities of the private sector and support the unemployed to create income-generating activities. He said that those who have few assets will be supported to make wealth, and therefore a good number of people will be able to find work. He asked the activists to come early to the polling stations to return early, while adding that the Sahwanya FRODEBU Nyakuri party is ready to accept the results of the next elections.

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